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Engineering Innovation Insurance

Professional Indemnity and Product Liability Insurance for the Innovative Engineer

Engineers are not a commodity and your insurance should support the innovator within you.

Professional Indemnity insurance structured for innovative engineering covers you for the higher levels of uncertainty associated with breaking new ground.

Your exposure to claims related to Errors & Omissions, Breach of IP and Breach of Professional Duty can keep you up at night if your broker has not grasped, communicated and collaborated with an Insurer to structure your policy to your engineering specialty.

And our Product Liability insurance is very specific to your product line (if you manufacture) or that of your clients (if you consult).

Whether you call it “innovation” or merely being focused on a particular challenge, don’t suppress your imagination and potential breakthrough-engineering because your insurance won’t bear the load of risk.

And don’t risk your professional, financial and familial well-being with a structurally weak policy.

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